Saturday, May 23, 2015

successes and failures....

I've managed to completely piece the top of the redwork hat quilt. Decided to edge two of the sides with prairie points....some embroidered with patterns of the hat bands showing in the fabric. I probably shouldn't stitch those on until the top is quilted. Lots of ideas of how I want to quilt this but need to do some sampling to see if my ideas will work. The plans are to do some hand quilting and some machine quilting.....more on that at another time.

click on the images....

embroidering prairie points

I'm wondering if this will be enough.

just playing....might be an idea for tile work.

the edge....facing inward is how I plan to place them.

Continuing to weave with the Shosenshi paper on the pin loom. I did try leaf dyeing on a couple of them but that was not very successful. Maybe I'll try adding some paint or stamps on these but they will not be part of the paper blanket.

woven paper and other paper embedded with rose leaves tied between 2 tiles and placed in walnut bath.

opening the bundle

looks like it's coated in mud....not very pretty.

I did experiment with crocheting some of the woven squares together which worked out fine but I think I would like it better with a color. It looks too drab. I do have some pretty colors of this bamboo yarn so I will continue to experiment.

too drab....need to experiment with other colors.
And.... did do some more experimenting with the paper manipulation but haven't been successful ....yet... in achieving what I'm planning.

color catcher sheets fused to cardstock, pin pricked and stitched

I watched this wonderful video of an embroidery of the Magna Carta that was fascinating. Thought you might like to see it. The video is here. The link I planned on sharing was just made private so I'm hoping the link I'm providing will work for you. You might have to be signed onto facebook. The embroidery is being exhibited at the British Museum right now. Wish I was close enough to visit.

JUST A FACT: Stephen Hawking's father, Frank Hawking, was a bee keeper.
You might enjoy this little video describing why the bee's build a perfect's HERE.

It's still raining here in Texas on a daily basis....on and off....the ground is saturated but more rain is predicted. Have a great weekend and I'll see you next time.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

mostly weaving....

I spent most of my time this week weaving with the Shosenshi linen paper I showed you last time. It's here if you missed it. At first I just wove the paper on the pin loom as it presented itself with all the kinks and creases but I decided I wanted a cleaner, more balanced look so I started straightening the paper as I wove and I'm loving how it looks and feels. It has a kind of crisp feel but I've read that it will soften with time. I did try weaving in a pattern but it didn't show up well so I just doodled over that one with a cross stitched flower and did a crochet edge....just a sample for the ledger. I also tried that same pattern with yarn and it shows up so well....another sample.

click on the images...

They work up quickly and are very calming and relaxing to do. I'm thinking of connecting them to make a paper blanket....maybe with a contrasting bamboo yarn. I'll have to do some sampling. There are lots of interesting patterns and designs for pin looms and zoom looms on Pinterest, if you are interested. Just go to and do a search.

I did also play with some paper folding and manipulating.

manipulated paper with pin pricking

I'm working on one where I've fused some color catcher sheets to cardstock. Hope to stitch on that one this week and will show you next time.

Also still working on the hat quilt. I'm having to piece fabric together for the borders and it involves matching the hat design fabric so it's taking a bit of time.....lots of basting to be sure it's matched up correctly.

We've had non-stop rain here so everything is lush and green and no need for much hand watering. One morning it was raining so hard that the rain looked like long running stitches.

Have a great weekend and hope you'll come back again for a visit.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

it was a challenge....

but one that turned into a wonderful meditation. After awhile I was in the zone....I was on my feet for hours but I did get it done. I guess I ought to tell you what I'm talking about. I was gifted a hank of some wonderful Shosenshi linen paper. It looked like a hank I could just put on my swift and wind up like I do my yarn....however, part of the hank was in tangles and putting it on the swift just wasn't working. So, I hung it from a magnetic clip on my door and that worked out much better. I know it's probably hard to believe but I enjoyed doing it. Now that it's done, I hope to do some weaving on my pin loom that I showed you a couple of weeks ago. Will show you some weaving next time.

click on the images...

started out on the side is a tangled mess

hanging on the door

there are lots more balls now....
I have worked on my redwork hat quilt and it's a challenge doing this without a pattern....calculating what to cut for the next round...and not sure how it will actually look. So far, I'm liking it. Just a couple more rounds to go but not quite sure yet what that will look like. I'm also starting to think about how I will quilt this and my plan, so far, is sounding complicated in my mind. Hoping I don't lose interest on the way to the finish.

thinking it will be about 50" square....not sure yet

....and I did play with some Alcohol Inks after watching a video that looked interesting. You can see it here. It was in the Joggles newsletter I received. I've had the inks for a long while and want to play a bit more this coming week.

alcohol inks on a plastic box and on a ceramic bead
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I have a long list of what I want to accomplish today so I'd better get started. See you next time.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

mostly paper play....

So many exciting new ideas in Karen Ruane's class Reinventing the Page that I spent most of the week on paper play. I'm getting ideas from's a never ending stream of inspiration.

click on the images....

some nice images as my printer runs out of ink

little stitched booklet

little stitched booklet 3" in diameter

booklet created with printer and watercolor paper 4½" x 3½"

And I couldn't resist trying this.... found here...


The weather has been outstanding this week....beautiful Spring complaints....hoping for more of the same. Wishing you some beautiful, creative days.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

a new book....

I was made aware of a new Pin Loom Weaving book this week and I had to have it. This one has patterns for lots of different designs and I would like to make a sampler blanket. I have some wool yarn that's very fine and I'm going to experiment and see if it will make a nice looking block.

click on the images...

another project will be started. the bottom book is the new one.

Did some more paper play in Karen Ruane's class Reinventing the Page.

the center is crumpled tracing paper with pen and stitch on the surface

the full designed page

I finished one of the pouches from long ago. I added a needle threader to a length of yarn that is permanently attached. I'm always searching for a needle threader and I try to put one in every sewing pouch.

pouch front

pouch back

UPDATE:  just to say that I found these needle threaders at Joann's (US). also, if you hold onto the wire part of the needle threader when you are pulling through the needle, the wire will not come loose from its plastic holder. my needle threaders last me a very long time.

....and I did sew up that first redwork hat quilt block. It turned out to be 15" square and I'm now ready to stitch 3 more like it with different hat centers. I'm designing as I go so there is no real plan or size in mind. I do know that black and white check fabric will appear somewhere.

15" square

ready for stitching

We hit 91 degrees today. Summer is on its way too soon. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, April 17, 2015

another class has captured my attention....

I started a new class with Karen Ruane this week....Reinventing the can find the details here. As usual, it has taken over my attention with all the different forms of paper play that Karen is demonstrating. I started out with inspiration from some fabric I've had for years and some  paper and fabric play from an earlier class.

click on the images...

inspiration from fabric and previous paper and paint play

forming a design

a repeat pattern

Lots more experimenting to be done. This is just a start...

I didn't get very far with that hat quilt block I talked about last time....but, I have decided on how the first block will go together. I'm thinking those empty square spots will be white. I haven't cut those out yet.

hat quilt block

I'm slowly working on my bobbin lace tree. It's slow going since I only work on it once a week when I go to lace class but I'm happy with the way it's progressing.

bobbin lace tree

The garden is doing well and we are lucky to have been getting some rain so no need for very much watering. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, April 10, 2015

it's a rainy day here....

so my plans to spread mulch have been squashed. It will give me time to continue going through all my fabric and deciding what to keep and what to give away. I have taken a whole carton of fabric to quilt bee this week and shared with my quilting friends. There will be more to share as I go through it all. I am determined to, once again, have a house that is neat and organized....well, relatively speaking.

click on the images...

what to keep and what to give away is the dilemma...

I came across a couple of projects that never were completed....actually one was never started so I've made an attempt...

red hats

I have 12 of these embroidered hats ( 6 different varieties ) that i bought on ebay many years ago. I'm trying to draw a quilting block to start putting this together. Red is not a color I'm really comfortable working with but I'm going to get this done. I always like adding black and white and have lots of different black and white checkered fabrics. I hope to have at least one block done by my next post. If you have any ideas, please share them. I'm very open to suggestions.

Also found this little project I had started in one of Jude Hill's classes. Hoping to get 2 pouches made after doing a bit more stitching.

the backgrounds are upholstery type fabric

....and I'm still playing with the PDF doodle download that Karen Ruane has in her shop. You can find it here. So many possibilities....

the doodle printed on some of my hand dyed cloth

also printed on cardstock and tissue paper for wrapping small gifts...

I'd better get busy before the day is gone. Time seems to be moving too quickly, lately.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Create always give me a lift and i bet it will do the same for you.

Friday, April 3, 2015


Pockets are so handy in any form. I finished up one of the pockets I started last week....

click on the images...

pink dupioni silk embellished with parts of an old hanky, my own printed cloth, lace and stitching

the other side....cording to mimic strings of a mandolin and hard to see all the stitching done here.

Karen Ruane is selling a PDF download of one of her doodles here. I have so many ideas on how to use this. So far, I've printed it on dupioni silk and made myself a little pocket for a small knitting project. There are so many different ways to use this and she talks about that here. Go on over and check it out. Here's the pocket I made this morning.

a silk pocket using Karen Ruane's PDF download

Once a year, my quilting bee has a gift exchange. We had such a wonderful time and exchanged so many beautiful items. Here's a pic of all of us. We sure do look happy in this picture....don't we....that's me in the white blouse up front.

Simply Quilters bee

Some of us stopped at a local quilt shop on the way home and there were some things I couldn't resist.

The garden is doing well and I actually picked Swiss Chard for my salad this week. It will be awhile before anything else is ready for picking. The temperature reaches 80 almost every day. It does feel wonderful spending some time outdoors this time of year.

Wishing you all a great weekend and lots of creativity.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

more dyeing with black walnuts...

The black walnut dye keeps giving. I've done a few more pieces ... some shibori style.

click on the images...

top left piece was folded in half and then in triangles. the binder clips I used give nice marks

shibori style....wrapped with string

shibori style....circles of stitching pulled taught on cotton/linen

kokopelli imprint on silk linen

I did some more printing on silk like I showed last week. First the watercolor on paper; scanned and printed on paper; doodled with ink pen; and finally, silk ironed onto freezer paper and printed. I should have washed it to test it but I didn't. I'll remember to do that next time....and maybe, try to print on cotton next.

pink silk, hanky, and watercolor painting on paper

mandolins drawn on printed watercolor and then printed on silk

I've started putting together a couple of small pouches....hope to have them finished by my next post....lots more stitching to be done.

the beginnings of 2 pockets

using the printed cloth for a mandolin shape and some hexies. fine piping cord used to mimic mandolin strings.

Ready to go out and put some more seeds and plants in the garden. We already have had days in the 80s and it's getting too warm too fast. I prefer the 60 - 70 degree range, but the plants seem to be happy.

Have a great week.
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